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How do I get the most out of Premium Stats?

Last Updated: Jul 18, 2018 04:56PM EDT
As ELITE subscribers start to explore the expansive depths and intricacies of PFF's Premium Stats Version I, we have come together to create this 'How To' guide to ensure none of the features are overlooked. 

Each section of the following 'How To' guide is separated by the five high-level tabs currently in Premium Stats VI: By Week, By Team, By Player, By Position & Signature Stats. 


For all ELITE subscribers interested in in-depth game-by-game analysis, the "By Week" tab in Premium Stats VI is an absolute hotbed of information. Users can take a deep dive into thorough passing, rushing and WR/CB matchup information in addition to PFF's +/- grades for any single game dating back to the 2006 season. 


The offensive statistics included for each team in the selected game will include tabs labeled Offense, Passing, Rushing and Receiving. The Offense tab will give users an overview of the +/- grades awarded to each player on the offensive side of the ball, both overall and by facet. The other three tabs dive into statistics-focused analysis. 

The Passing tab will include a snapshot of how successful a quarterback was targeting each part of the field, under pressure and when facing the blitz. Within the Rushing tab, users can see how each respective team's running backs performed in terms of rushing direction (i.e. left of center, outside of left tackle, between guard and tackle). The Receiving tab displays a full breakdown of how each receiver performed against each of the defenders that covered him in a given game, including targets, receptions, yards, etc. 


The Defense tab, similarly to the Offense tab, gives users an overview of the +/- grades awarded to each player on the defensive side of the ball, both overall and by facet. A Coverage tab is also included, which acts in the same way as the Receiving tab in that it breaks down how successful each defender performed in coverage against all the receivers they faced in the given game.


In addition to providing +/- grades for all special teams personnel, the Special Teams and Kicking/Rets. tabs dive deeper into how successful kickers, punters and returners were in the given game. 


The homepage of the "By Team" tab is quite the eyeful at first glance, but as you take a closer look at each of the columns, users can see how our +/- grades for each player on each team are added together to create cumulative +/- grades for each facet of the game. 

If users elect to click on any of the 32 teams, they'll be taken to a similar layout to the "By Week" tab and can see all of the respective information available for each game added together in the Offense, Defense and Special Teams tabs listed under "Cumulative Team Statistics."


The "By Position" tab allows users to sort through a range of both box score statistics and PFF's advanced metrics in addition to PFF's +/- grades. The cumulative score for each player is a product of PFF's grading system at its core, as explained in the following article.


The "By Player" tab is best utilized by users interested in game-by-game +/- grades, seasonal +/- grades and seasonal snap counts for any specific player's career. 


Most Elite users will be familiar with the "Signature Stats" tab in Premium Stats VI, as it directly correlates to the on-site version that was made available to all Elite users all last season. For an in-depth breakdown of each of the Signature Stats, please view the attached PDF.

*Premium Stats Version II is scheduled for release before August 1, 2018.

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